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Off-Topic: Medical Paramedic Job Description

Medical Paramedic Job Description

Administers life support care to sick and injured patients in prehospital setting as authorized and directed by physician. Assesses nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures to be followed or need for additional assistance. Administers initial treatment at emergency scene and takes and records patient's vital signs. A combination of over one year of directly related training and/or experience is typically required for carrying out the responsibilities for this job. Requires emergency medical technician paramedic (EMT-P) certification.: Restores and stabilizes heart rhythm on pulseless, nonbreathing patient, using defibrillator, or as directed by physician. Monitors cardiac patient, using electrocardiograph. Initiates intravenous fluids to administer medication or drugs, or to replace fluids lacking in body. Performs endotracheal intubation to open airways and ventilate patient. Obtains comprehensive drug history from patient. Administers injections of medications and drugs, following established protocols. Inflates pneumatic anti-shock garment on patient to improve blood circulation. Applies splints to limbs and dresses wounds. Assists in extricating trapped victims and transports sick and injured patients to treatment center. Observes, records, and reports to physician patient's condition and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents. Ensures vehicle and equipment are maintained in a state of readiness. Keeps current as to changes and trends in administration and use of drugs. May drive mobile intensive care unit to emergency scene. May serve as team leader for Emergency Medical Technicians. May communicate with physician and other medical personnel via radio or telephone.
(Source: eDOT Job Description)

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